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How Barcelona team brings current affairs to civic tax education, Spain

How Barcelona team brings current affairs to civic tax education, Spain

Carmen Verdejo - DR Informática Cataluña, Tax Agency, Spain


Over the last two years we have all noted the importance of solidarity and cooperation between people and countries, and the role of taxes in this matter.

We have been bombarded by medias with previously unknown terms such as coronavirus, speed transmission or aerosol, but there has also been more talk than ever about taxation, wealth sharing and welfare state.

In the tax education talks given by the educators of the Barcelona campus of Catalonia Special Delegation, we used to take advantage of current news to inform young people about the details of our tax system and its importance in the development of countries and, above all, in people's lives.

Thus, during the confinement, we prepared new presentations that would allow us to be more dynamic, we created games that would test their knowledge about taxes, we compiled videos and news with the opinión  of famous people on taxation. In short, we used computer tools well known to them  along with the resources offered by TAXEDU and the AEAT tax-education websites,   to explain and let them know what taxes are for, but even more, to encourage them to think, to express their opinion, to be active citizens in the construction of a fairer world for each and everyone.


Carmen Verdejo
DR Informática Cataluña
Tax Agency. Spain