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Paying taxes is important !

The Ministry of Finance and the Tax Administration of the Republic of Croatia have organized a competition for the 5th and 6th grade primary school students on the topic „Paying taxes is important“. The competition aimed to encourage students to develop an awareness of the importance of taxes, and the ways in which taxes affect their lives. Student

You’re turn! Time to play the tax game

If you think learning about taxes can’t be fun, think again! Join the launch of the Mobility ERA* Game’s website and application on 15 December! What are the different types of taxes? Who pays tax? How do we benefit from paying taxes? Take part in the online launch of the Mobility Era Game website and app on 15 December (5pm CET). The ev

Kids learn about TAXEDU online

The online connection made it possible, even in limited conditions during the pandemic, for the children from the Kamenica nad Cirochou primary school to become acquainted with the work of the financial administration in Slovakia. Since the planned visits have to been canceled several times due to the pandemic precautions, the pupils of the 8th and

Pupils learn about the taxes through the game

Thanks to the Slovak financial administration, the Mobility Era board game reached the children of the primary school in Kamenica nad Cirochou. The students of the 8th abd 9th grade immediately enthusiastically tried the game. The school's representative, Mrs. Bernardína Suchárová, confirmed that the English instructions did not cause a problem for


We have returned to the classrooms, after the health crisis, we are back with the schoolchildren. We really wanted to feel the feeling of meeting the students again. Although we have carried out telematic actions, our presence in the classrooms was very necessary.

Two new digital products for students

Italian Revenue Agency, in collaboration with the Revenue Collection Agency, has produced two educational notebooks, one for the primary schools (age 5-10) and one for the secondary schools (age 11-18).

Good practices on tax education are being shared in the forum

What’s new, what’s good and what’s effective in tax education in Europe? Find out on the TAXEDU forum.  Don’t underestimate the power of TAXEDU’s forum! It’s dynamic and designed to foster exchanges between users. The overall aim of the forum is to connect educators and building upon expertise. 

Tax Education in the new normal, CADIZ, SPAIN

After the worst of the Pandemic, in the Cádiz Delegation, we resumed with more enthusiasm than ever the activities of the Civic Tax Education Program, at first, we thought that the centers were not going to be receptive, in this new normality, but This has not been the case, 99% of the centers have requested our activities.

How Barcelona team brings current affairs to civic tax education, Spain

Over the last two years we have all noted the importance of solidarity and cooperation between people and countries, and the role of taxes in this matter.

Why we should talk to teens about tax

Taxes may be the last thing on the minds of teenagers, but it’s an important part of civic education. TAXEDU’s packed with tips to get you started.