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The EU strengthens its relationship with Ukraine in taxation

The EU strengthens its relationship with Ukraine in taxation

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The EU and Ukraine are reinforcing their collaboration. Beginning in September 2022, the Commission has signed an agreement allowing Ukraine to participate in the EU’s Customs and Fiscalis programmes. In addition, from 1 October 2022, Ukraine will join the EU-Common Transit Countries’ Convention.

Cooperation between the EU and Ukraine will be enhanced in fighting tax fraud and evasion.

The Fiscalis programme is at the core of this new bond as it allows tax administrations to work together to facilitate information exchange and administrative cooperation between authorities.

The Fiscalis programme

With a budget of EUR 269 million covering the 2021-2027 period, 70 % of the Fiscalis programme aims to establish an electronic taxation system that allows tax administrations to better fight tax fraud and evasion, and to use data through the development and operation of the of the European electronic systems for taxation. To improve collaboration between participating countries, the programme also provides space where administrations can share knowledge, experience, good practices and set guidelines together.

The Customs’ programme

Information technology is cornerstone to the Custom’s programme because it promotes e-commerce and technologies like Blockchain.

With a budget of EUR 950 million covering the 2021-2027 period, the programme aims to tackle security threats and to increase digitalisation in customs. By 2025, the programme is expected to provide a modern, interconnected and fully paperless environment.

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