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Lessons in fiscal legality in a Congolese school

Lessons in fiscal legality in a Congolese school

Editorial Team


This year, officials from the Agenzia delle Entrate (Tax Office) and the Agenzia delle Entrate-Riscossione (Italian debt collection agency) in Sicily shared the Italian project "Tax and School" with an international school in Congo to reach citizens of the future and offer them opportunities for growth and civic engagement. Together they reflected on the importance and benefit of taxes and their utilisation for the public good.

The children took part in the webinar with great interest. Many of them are children of European workers.

The teachers had been preparing them for the event and for the study of the tax system in Europe and around the world for some time; in fact, the students paid close attention to the lesson. Our tax education experience has been extended beyond our borders, sharing our tax system and the importance of a fair society. The children were very interested in the topics presented by the Agency officials, frowning upon the behaviour of tax evaders who undermine the country's well-being and growth.

The multiculturalism of our times has affirmed how differences create wealth, offering common ground for growth and improvement. Children of different nationalities in the same class who reflect on how to live in a fair society provide hope for a better future.

Children of all cultures expressed their belief in a world guided by just laws that ensure peace and shared well-being for all, and this is the most important goal. 

Opening the dialogue on fiscal legality in Congo has meant talking about social services and benefits for everyone.  The situation in Congo, which these young students experience every day, albeit through the filter of their different nationalities, needs new inspiration and a renewed social conscience which can address the challenge of building a more proactive and innovative political and economic culture. The children listened to the ideas presented by the officials and we are confident that the seed of law cast in their direction will bear fruit over time.