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You’re turn! Time to play the tax game

You’re turn! Time to play the tax game

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If you think learning about taxes can’t be fun, think again! Join the launch of the Mobility ERA* Game’s website and application on 15 December!

What are the different types of taxes? Who pays tax? How do we benefit from paying taxes?

Take part in the online launch of the Mobility Era Game website and app on 15 December (5pm CET). The event will start with a Talk Show about the importance of educational games and the role of using games to explain complex topics like taxation.   

Financial and fiscal education can be fun. Play Your Taxes Band will tackle separately the topic on how fiscal education will change our lives.

Participants on 15 December will gain special insight into the Mobility Era Game which is designed for students eager to improve their maths, public finance and social skills. But that’s not all! This game also encourages players to adopt strategies to invest money carefully and to promote a healthy lifestyle. To play the Mobility Era Game online, challengers have the choice between three levels:

  • Level 1: students who are just starting a tax-related programme or those enrolled in basic economics or optional tax courses
  • Level 2: students with knowledge about tax
  • Level 3: students enrolled in advanced courses in taxation and accounting

“By playing this exciting and gripping board game the students live a life as a European citizen and learn about economics, social situations, geography, maths and the EU,” says Bernd Namislo, a secondary school director in Obertraubling, Germany. “The realistic game is very suitable to give students a motivating idea of European citizenship and the EU as a whole.”

Alessandra Gambadoro from Italy’s Revenue Agency agrees. She says: “Students of a linguistic high school of Rome have played the board game. The players have faced the different situations of life (looking for a job, starting a new business, marriage, birth of a son, etc.) relating to tax systems of the European States. Through the game they have verified how taxes affect our lives. The result? The students have fun and have tested their knowledge of English language, taxation and geography.”

It’s your turn now to play the Mobility Era Game. Find the game on the TAXEDU’s website Cool stuff.

Where and when? Join the official launch of the website and mobile app on 15 December at 5pm (CET time) on Facebook and Instagram.

How to register? Send an email to

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