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A new European tax boardgame hits the market

A new European tax boardgame hits the market

Editorial team


Why should we pay taxes? Why are taxes higher in some countries than in others? Find the answers to these questions and more in the new European tax game, “Mobility Era. Play your taxes!”. 


This colourful boardgame was launched in Maastricht on 2 October in one of the most beautiful bookstores in the Netherlands. This cooperation marks one of the many fruitful steps towards educating new generations of European taxpayers in a fun and engaging way.


The launch event commenced with a free game giveaway whereby audience members played the boardgame in an attempt to accumulate the highest amount of Happy Points. Those with the most Happy Points won a free game.


By  playing the game, audience members discovered its effectiveness as an interactive teaching resource – one that, using real statistics on income and taxes, enriches players’ knowledge of the European Union, Member States and candidates. The game helped to further enhance players’ understanding of tax mechanisms (how taxes are collected and spent). 


After the competition, a group of 40 people gathered to participate in a successful debate about why taxes are good and bad for individuals and businesses. The audience was split into two sides: For & Against taxes. The session was moderated by Researchista – a start-up in research communication. 

The ceremony was inaugurated with the cutting of the Xmas Game Tree ribbon in which Professor Hildegard Schneider (Maastricht University), the promoter of the PhD thesis from which the game was inspired, took part. 


Through this game, Dr Irina Burlacu (Researchista) hopes to inspire more researchers to communicate the results of their research with the general public. The game was elaborated in cooperation with TAXUD and inspired by  the EU TAXEDU portal on tax education for kids, teenagers, young adults and teachers.


Since its launch, the first special edition of games linked to TAXEDU portal have been distributed to representatives of each Member State through the TAXEDU Network as an additional resource to help promote tax education at the national level. The aim is to increase tax consciousness among today’s and future European taxpayers in a joyful manner. TAXEDU promotors can further use the boardgame to support national tax education communication activities geared towards children, students, teachers and all citizens.   

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