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October, the month of Financial Education in Italy

October, the month of Financial Education in Italy

Editorial Team


In Italy, every year in October, the Minister of Economy and Finance organizes the month of Financial Education. The topic of this edition was "Build today what matters for your future" ("Build today what is important for your future") and many organizations have scheduled meetings and conferences, online and in presence, on finance, insurance and social security throughout Italy.

The opening event was the World Investor Week, organized by the National Commission for Enterprises and the Stock Exchange (Consob). Other topics organized concerned the insurance training day (October 19) and the retirement training week (October 24-30).

Italian Revenue Agency carried out many of these initiatives in collaboration with other administrations, and stakeholders.

Our Regional Directorates of Sicily, Abruzzo, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Sardinia, Tuscany and Veneto have been involved in these events.

The meetings were for families, children, young people and teachers.

Creativity has prompted our colleagues in new activities. Some colleagues have delved into the taxation for the new jobs, such as blogger, YouTuber, influencer, etc. Others colleagues have invited boys and girls to paint a "mural" supported by a street artist; other still others talked about financial instruments and tax law, or tax breaks for the purchase or for the renovation of a house, and much more.