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Have your say on future taxation rules

Have your say on future taxation rules

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Are you running a business in the EU? Do you have ideas on how you would like to report on Value Added Tax (VAT)? This is the perfect time to make your voice heard! The Commission is currently organising a public consultation on this very important topic.

Fair and simple taxation has become the motto of the European Commission in the light of the digital age.

Value Added Tax (VAT) rules represent the core of this strategy, as a legislative proposal on ‘VAT in the digital age’ is in the pipeline for 2022. The proposal covers VAT reporting obligations and e‑invoicing, VAT treatment of the platform economy, as well as single EU VAT registration.

To ensure that the legislative proposal will reach its objectives, the Commission is currently conducting a public consultation for the attention of business federations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), trade associations, companies, EU-wide and national service providers, platforms and many other actors involved.

Running until 5 May, the consultation is seeking to understand how to make the VAT system easier for business to comply with, how to make it more fraud-proof and how to improve digital and technological developments.

In particular, the questionnaire focuses on Digital Reporting Requirements, on the VAT Treatment of the Platform Economy and on the Single VAT Registration.

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Entering the 21st Century

This consultation is in line with the long-term vision expressed by the Commission in the Communication on Business Taxation for the 21st Century.  

Aiming to create a new framework for business taxation in the EU, this communication exposes the plans of the Commission to reduce administrative burdens, remove tax obstacles and foster a more business-friendly environment in the Single Market.

Also worth noting is the “Business in Europe: Framework for Income Taxation” (or BEFIT) which will provide a single corporate tax rulebook for the EU, based on a formulary apportionment and a common tax base.

Talk about VAT with your students

Future business owners are perhaps among your students! Spark their interest around the topic by browsing the numerous modules on VAT in our Teachers’ corner. Your students will have a sneak preview of what they can expect in terms of administration and tax when managing a business. We wish you fruitful discussions!

Future entrepreneurs

Are you completing your studies and thinking about creating your own business? The TAXEDU section dedicated to young adults gives you some tips and useful links on how to get started.

Our module How to start a business can also inspire you in our training catalogue’s section, together with other modules, such as Business income, Employment income and When taxes appear in youngsters’ life. You can browse also our MOOCs’ section. Happy learning!


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