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PECT Activities in Navarra, Spain

Overcoming the not very good current health situation derived from the pandemic, in the Special Delegation of Navarra we have participated in the Civic-Tax Education Program giving sessions in schools. Our teacher Eduardo Sainz Goñi, went to the classrooms of the Navarro Villoslada Institute in Pamplona to explain to 4 eso and Baccalaureate groups, the fundamentals of the operation of the Public Treasury and the need for correct fiscal behavior from the first years.

Actividades PECT en Navarra, España

Superando la no muy buena situación sanitaria actual derivada de la pandemia, en la Delegación Especial de Navarra hemos participado en el Programa de Educación Cívico-Tributaria impartiendo sesiones en los centros escolares.

Have your say on future taxation rules

Are you running a business in the EU? Do you have ideas on how you would like to report on Value Added Tax (VAT)? This is the perfect time to make your voice heard! The Commission is currently organising a public consultation on this very important topic.

The National Revenue Agency Bulgaria organized a children's drawing competition

The National Revenue Agency Bulgaria organized a children's drawing competition "Taxes We Can't Do Without". Numerous drawings have been obtained from children up to 16 years. They are showing what they think How Does the Government Spend Taxes & why it is good to collect them in full. Thirteen of the most successful drawings were selected and printed in the NRA calendar for 2022.

La Educación Cívico-Tributaria en la Universidad, un proyecto necesario y enriquecedor para la Agencia Tributaria

Llevamos tres años consecutivos impartiendo unas jornadas de educación cívico-tributaria en la Universidad Complutense. Durante estas jornadas, compañeros de la Delegación de todas las áreas funcionales y Relaciones Institucionales tratamos de transmitir cómo trabaja la Agencia Tributaria (AEAT) y en qué se fundamenta nuestra actuación, cuyo mandato primero se incardina en la Constitución y, en concreto en el artículo 31 de la misma.

PECT at the University, a necessary and enriching project for AEAT

We have been teaching a conference on civic-tax education at the Complutense University for three consecutive years. During these days, colleagues of the Delegation from all functional areas and Institutional Relations try to convey how the Tax Agency (AEAT) works and what our action is based on, whose mandate is first included in the Constitution and, specifically, in article 31 of it.

Talking to students about taxes at Global Money Week

The Emilia Romagna Regional Directorate of the Italian Revenue Agency is participating in Global Money Week, promoted by the OECD and coordinated in Italy by the Committee on the planning and coordination of financial education activities. The initiative takes place from 22 to 28 March and the theme of the 2022 edition is “Take care of yourself, take care of your money”.

Young students key in the fight against tax evasion

Governments across the world are grappling with challenges posed by financial fraud, tax evasion and tax avoidance. As they strive to keep up with the global social and economic changes taking place faster than ever before, national tax authorities also have to look inwards, towards their youngest citizens, and ensure that they grow up with sound knowledge of the importance of paying taxes.

Building tax culture and compliance inside and outside the classroom

On 8 February, IFAC (The International Federation of Accountants), ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), in collaboration with the OECD, will host the webinar “Fostering taxpayer education to enhance public trust in tax and help achieve SDGs”, focusing on successful approaches to taxpayer education identified in a recent OECD report.


"Do members of the Financial Administration also have to pay taxes?", "Do homeless people also pay taxes?" These were some of the interesting questions the five-graders asked on the 19th of January during the online Zoom presentation about the TAXEDU and Financial Administration in Slovakia.