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PECT Balance course 2021/2022 in Cádiz, Spain

The PECT in the Cádiz Delegation continues to improve year after year.

The EU strengthens its relationship with Ukraine in taxation

The EU and Ukraine are reinforcing their collaboration. Beginning in September 2022, the Commission has signed an agreement allowing Ukraine to participate in the EU’s Customs and Fiscalis programmes. In addition, from 1 October 2022, Ukraine will join the EU-Common Transit Countries’ Convention.

Knowing better our rights as taxpayers

We all pay taxes. But when it comes to our rights as taxpayers, there is a lot we don’t know. Information is on its way, thanks to the European Commission.

Why greening taxes makes sense

Does taxation have a colour? If we’re referring to the ones that can help create a more sustainable future, then the answer is yes! The colour is green.

What young adults need to know about taxes

From university fees, first jobs and double taxation rules, read here about what young adults should expect regarding taxation.

SPAIN - The Regional Office in Valencia of the Spanish Tax Agency provides Civic-Tax Education at the ESIC Business School

The Spanish Tax Agency, within the framework of its collaboration with Spanish Universities, regularly gives lectures with the aim of transmitting to students the values of fiscal responsibility and informing them about the possibilities of Public Employment in the STA.

In Tuscany the Italian Revenue Agency explains to the students the digital services

The Tuscany regional Directorate of the Italian Revenue Agency continues to spread to the young people the value of the tax education through “AgeVolution”, an initiative promoted in collaboration with the Revenue Collection Agency.


TAXEDU is a portal of the European Union accessible to all, very simple to handle, dynamic and entertaining, which is very useful for tax education, so it is intended to reach the educational world from an early age. It has had and has the participation of the national tax administrations, under the direction of the European Parliament and the Commission. Its objective is to facilitate training in tax matters in all countries of the European Union, explain how taxes affect our lives, what benefits they bring to all citizens and ensure that responsibility is internalized in the voluntary fulfillment of tax duties as a matter of citizenship, in short, to reduce tax evasion and fraud in Europe. 

Join a growing community of customs and tax professionals

Are you a customs or tax professional? Have you been looking for a space where you could access useful resources about the EU legislation, communicate with your peers and exchange good practices? You should explore the EU learning portal on customs and tax topics!

Meeting with students in the office of the National Revenue Agency Bulgaria in Veliko Tarnovo

Students from Staroprestolna High School of Economics in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria visited the regional office of the National Revenue Agency. The event took place as а part of World Money Week, organized by Junior Achievement Bulgaria. During the event high school students learned more about tax and social security benefits and obligations.