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How Hungary is paving the way towards tax education

How Hungary is paving the way towards tax education

Editorial team


The National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) in Hungary is making great strides to ensure young people in the country understand the importance of taxes.


Since the launch of the TAXEDU digital platform, the NTCA management and trainers have been working towards its promotion and use in tax education. From the vey onset, news about the platform was published on NTCA’s intranet website, raising awareness among staff and providing them with up-to-date information. In addition, the TAXEDU platform has been promoted during all tax education trainings.

To reach a wider audience, the platform was also presented at various professional and scientific conferences as well as at working visits - when a delegation visited the NTCA.

As part of other promotional activities, the platform has also been showcased at the NTCA’s Museum of Customs and Taxation History as part of the popular Museums’ Night. In fact, it is a permanent feature of this museum and is used as part of educational activities.

The National Tax and Customs Institute of Training, Health and Culture also received 14 Mobility era games – a European tax board game with the aim of educating young learners about taxes in a fun and engaging way.

Future initiatives 
The NTCA has prepared their “Tax awareness Strategy 2020-2024” which includes the promotion of the TAXEDU platform. As a part of this strategy, an action plan was created with concreate actions about how the platform will be promoted.  

Training programmes for young students, for example, are currently being created which will include the promotion of the TAXEDU platform. 

The lesson plans from the TAXEDU website will become part of the guides used to help prepare teachers and students from primary and secondary schools. 

The platform will also be actively promoted at conferences which are planned by partner organisations. There are also plans to follow up with conferences for schoolteachers about tax awareness training opportunities, strategy, methods and tools. These activities will be realised after the strategy’s approval. 

The NTCA, with the help of the TAXEDU digital platform, is ensuring young people learn about the impact of taxes on their lives.