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Join a growing community of customs and tax professionals

Join a growing community of customs and tax professionals

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Are you a customs or tax professional? Have you been looking for a space where you could access useful resources about the EU legislation, communicate with your peers and exchange good practices? You should explore the EU learning portal on customs and tax topics!

A new community of customs and tax professionals is up and running.


Discover the EU learning portal on customs and tax

National administrations, economic operators, national authority staff and European Commission officials, academia or researchers can now access the EU learning portal on customs and tax topics, as well as its numerous facilities.

One of the biggest added values of the portal is the learning catalogue, which offers an impressive number of courses, such as nanolearnings and eLearning modules, webinars and eBooks dedicated to a wide variety of topics - from EU legislation and direct taxation to fighting tax fraud.

Also worth noting is that the courses are offered in different EU languages, as well as Macedonian, Serbian and Turkish.


Focus on VAT

Are you looking for nanolearnings about Value Added Tax (VAT)? A quick search in the box will bring you to the most relevant and latest courses added to the catalogue.


The course ‘VAT - Directive implementation’ dedicated to Traders and Tax authorities aims to give tips on analysing a VAT problem and how tackle a sequence of questions to solve any issue related to VAT.

What’s more, the course ‘Fundamental conditions for VAT to apply’ provides easy-to-understand graphs that show, for example, the transactions subject to VAT under certain conditions. The course ‘Customs and VAT Territory’ aims to explain the differences between both these elements with the assistance of a concise presentation.

VAT is a topic of growing importance in the EU and worldwide, especially since 1 July 2021 when new e-commerce VAT rules have entered into force. This has allowed Member States to collect around EUR 1.9 billion in VAT revenues the same year.

Over 8 000 traders have now registered to use the ‘Import One-Stop Shop’ (IOSS) electronic portal, contributing to collect VAT for the distance sales. Check the nanolearnings on OSS and IOSS role and benefits, as well as on the procedures.

Other e-learning and nanolearning modules about VAT and e-Commerce rules are available in the catalogue under this link


Other features of the portal

The portal contains other information, such as a news section, a calendar of events and a page entirely dedicated to the EU Competency Frameworks (TaxCompEU - EU Competency Framework for Taxation and CustCompEU - EU Customs Competency Frameworks).


Another way to learn about tax

Designed for teachers and young learners, the TAXEDU portal offers plenty of resources to learn about tax and how taxation matters affect daily life. Take a look at our Teachers’ corner, training catalogue or cool stuff. Learning about tax can be fun!


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