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Good practices on tax education are being shared in the forum

Good practices on tax education are being shared in the forum

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What’s new, what’s good and what’s effective in tax education in Europe? Find out on the TAXEDU forum

Don’t underestimate the power of TAXEDU’s forum! It’s dynamic and designed to foster exchanges between users. The overall aim of the forum is to connect educators and building upon expertise. 

Check out some of the topics and issues currently being discussed in the forum.

From tax education to financial literacy in Bulgaria
Thanks to specially designed lessons incorporated into the regular curriculum, 70 000 Bulgarian students have been learning about tax education during these past years. Worth noting is that the reported satisfaction rate surpassed 90 %!

Encouraged by these very positive results, Bulgaria took tax education to the next level, by incorporating it to its official Financial Education curriculum. 

In this scope, the government of Bulgaria, together with the private sector, created a working group to set up a Financial Literacy strategy, which has been adopted early 2021. 

Up and running, the working group is currently developing a competence framework based on key performance indicators (KPIs), which combine sociology together with OECD's PISA methodology, to be able to collect results comparable with other countries.  

Want to know more about this inspiring Bulgarian practice? Join the discussion in the forum.


An operational working group in Croatia
Between 2015 and 2020, the National Strategic Framework for Financial Literacy of Consumers has been running in Croatia. A new framework is expected to start, covering the period 2021-2026. 

As the coordinator of the activities of the National Strategic Framework, the Ministry of Finance has established an Operational Working Group, gathering members from the public and private sectors, as well as from civil society organisations.

What’s more, the Tax Administration has become a member of the Operational Working Group and is successfully promoting the TAXEDU portal among children and young people.  

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A night at the museum in Hungary
Hungary has been using culture as a vehicle to promote tax education in the country. 

Each year, the Museum of Customs and Taxation History participates to the Museums’ Night by organising activities for young people and adults. 

Those activities comprise for example interactive presentations on how to prevent illegal goods from being sold, or on how to promote Intellectual property rights. 

This year’s presentations included topics like taxation, e-commerce, as well as the effects of BREXIT.

Does your country organise such initiatives to promote tax education? Let us know in a post


Italy’s financial education month
Promoted by the Committee for the Planning and Coordination of Financial Education Activities, Italy has organised the Financial Education Month which involves the participation of several institutions like the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Education, schools, foundations, universities or the Bank of Italy. 

Usually held in October, this initiative aims to promote financial education trough events addressed both to young people and adults. In 2020, the country organised 600 initiatives gathering several tools like storybooks, webinars and lessons.

Does your country organise similar initiatives? Let us know in the forum.