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Large-scale research in Lithuania

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Aurelia Chaise
Large-scale research in Lithuania

This news item mentions that in Lithuania, the State Tax Inspectorate together with the Vilnius University conducted a large-scale researchto find out what children know about taxes and what their attitudes towards taxes are.Any tips to share with EU countries on how they could organise such research?

Sarunas Gurklys
The main tips for such

The main tips for such research organization:

  • To form a team of people with knowledge of taxation, psychology and research;
  • To ensure cooperation with schools - continuity is important (especially, if you want to explore the impact of the measures);
  • To conduct a pilot research before the main study, to find out the children's vocabulary about taxes;
  • To provide more time for research, preparatory work;
  • To have a creative approach.
Thank you a lot for these

Thank you a lot for these tips!